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To fully staff all of McDevitt’s business activities, the company has roughly 115 employees. Illustrating its commitment to service, about 30 of these employees are service technicians. McDevitt makes sure its customers receive only trucks that are in top condition.

Service Tip:

New England’s winter can be hard on a truck and even though our trucks are built to be tough the bleak long months of cold weather, salt, sand & grime, and heavy snow can accelerate the wear and tear of a truck. Keep ahead of the deteriorations with springtime tune-ups. Tune-ups will help extend the life of your truck and will help prevent break downs.

So, what are things you should have tuned up after winter? Alignment and suspensions, all that salt and slush can be abrasive and can wear the seals of your trucks. Alignment issues can arise as well, because of potholes and other rough road conditions. Filters/ fluids, they are the trucks first line of defense against winter soot that’s why clean properly installed filters and new fluids keep a truck running more efficiently and longer.