Mack Certified Uptime Center

Certified for Uptime. Committed to Your Business.

At our Mack Certified Uptime Center, you’ll see the difference with every visit. We’ve made improvements that make a real difference including adopting new standards and service processes. We’ve updated our shop layout with Uptime Bay service for short repairs – all to deliver maximum uptime for your business.

We’re as Committed to Uptime as You Are.

ASIST Messaging – Up-To-The-Minute Updates

To maximize your productivity, we will keep you in the loop on your repair status. With the option of using ASIST direct messaging you will receive status alerts during the entire service event. You’ll need to make timely approvals along the way.

Less Shop Time. More Road Time.

To minimize downtime and keep your trucks up and running, every quick repair is put on the fast track to completion. There’s no appointment necessary. We have an Uptime Bay ready for you.

Uptime Check In

Check-in: Prompt Vehicle Assessment.
When you arrive, your Service Advisor will assess your vehicle. Initial diagnostics will be completed in two hours. You’ll know your truck’s status so you can start making decisions. Based on the results, your truck will be routed to the appropriate bay.

Uptime Bay

Uptime Bay: Expedited Service for Short Repairs
Uptime Bays are designated specifically for shorter diagnostics and repairs. This ensures that these repairs are completed within hours, not days. Uptime Bays prevent short jobs from getting bogged down behind extended jobs.

Advanced Bay

Advanced Bay: Dedicated Service for Longer Repairs
Those requiring advanced diagnostics and repairs are routed to an Advanced Bay. As soon as information is available, you’ll be advised regarding time and costs.